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Museums have found a new winger despite themselves: Instagram. The proliferation of self-portraits featuring works of art allows museums to reach a new clientele. Zoom on a phenomenon in full expansion.

Who never went on Instagram to watch and maybe envy her favorite celebrity's new haircut, her best friend's exotic trip or the appetizing dinner of the new couple of the hour? Well now, you can add the selfie of your sister-in-law with The Mona Lisa in your likes, because museums around the world are opening their doors wide to unexpected publicity for them: the photos on Instagram

“Instagram has given museums an extraordinary promotional boost. It creates a ripple effect… Digital will never replace experience, and the selfie is proof that you were there. ”

Source: La Presse, November 5, 2018

Museums are therefore seeing their popularity increase among the youngest who are constantly looking for the perfect setting to take their picture. Joining the useful with the pleasant is the expression which seems quite appropriate here to speak about a tendency which brings people to discover works while taking the opportunity to embellish their page Instagram. Moreover, the Musée d'art contemporain and the Arsenal de Montréal are taking full advantage of this new lease of life, they who have more than doubled their subscribers on social networks in the past year.

“This has significantly contributed to increasing the reputation of the museum and the influence of our exhibitions. You can show the dynamism, culture and life of the museum and even develop a family and an ecosystem. ”

Source: La Presse, November 5, 2018

Among our neighbors to the south, the trend has been pushed even further with the appearance of original public places specially designed for taking photos named museums Instagram. These pop-up interactives showcase some crazier scenery than the next where all the themes go through. Candy, dog, illusion, pizza, ice cream, horror, rain ... Tens of thousands of people line up for hours to photograph themselves in one or other of these most popular concepts. InstagrammableCan we see these attractions as having true artistic merit to the height of a museum or are they just really beautiful selfie backdrops? The question arises… Paige Solomon, creator of one of these museums Instagramsaid to have difficulty defining the genre but is unequivocal on the above question:

“Personally, I think it's a crime to say that you're a museum. But at the same time, the public wants to understand what we are and it's the closest thing to which we can be compared ”

Source: La Presse, November 5, 2018

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