Winners of the Delivered by ship contest: discover the maritime world of the St. Lawrence River

Last May, ten schools received free classroom entertainment to learn about the shipping industry through the Delivered by Ship game. One of them won the Grand Prix!

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Last May, SCIENCE EN JEU and Scola innovations, in collaboration with the St-Laurent Economic Development Corporation, offered free classroom activities to students from 3e elementary cycle to introduce the shipping industry through the game Delivered by ship.

In total, 10 schools located in Lavaltrie, Cap de la Madeleine, Yamachiche, Varrennes, Repentigny, Beauharnois and Brossard had the chance to receive an animation within their establishment. Delivered by ship, passing through their city.

This fun workshop aimed to introduce young people to the maritime transport industry, the trades specific to this sector, the names of the different types of ships and goods as well as the ecological aspect.

Students were then invited to create an avatar and register for the virtual world of GAME SCIENCE in order to manage their own shipping company with the game Delivered by ship. As captain, the young people were responsible for the growth, profitability and environmental efficiency of their company. Managing their crew, buying and storing goods and fuel, these were some of the challenges that awaited the students.

Subsequently, the teachers were invited to continue the adventure with their students by continuing to play the game. Delivered by ship. The students who accumulated the most points would then have the chance to win the Grand Prize.

The big winners of this contest are the students of St-Paul de Beauharnois school. On June 13, 77 students from 3e elementary school had the chance to test a port crane simulator. This prize was kindly offered by theMaritime Employers Association in collaboration with the Montreal Port Training Center.

We warmly thank the two trainers and the Director of St-Paul School for making this day a success!

Free entertainment will resume in September in Sainte-Foy, Beauport, Boucherville and on the North Shore. Interested? Contact us

In the meantime, we wish all teachers a very happy summer!

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