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These columns from the Famille branchée series are taken from École branchée magazine and offered as a free download. Good reading!

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These chronicles of the series Trendy family are taken from the École branchée magazine. Good reading!

1. Co-educate:
a school-family bond to be woven

Quebec's Educational Success Policy is clear; Parents' involvement in their child's school career plays a decisive role in their development, success and family-educational relationship. However, parents' expectations are increasingly high with regard to the services offered to their children. These expectations can sometimes provoke stimulating exchanges, sometimes become a brake on educational innovation.

In a stimulating context where the Digital Education Action Plan invites teachers to use creativity and innovation to allow young people to be at the heart of the action, it is essential to connect the school to the family. How to create and maintain a harmonious relationship between parents, school stakeholders and teachers to promote academic success? In this column, Judith, Stéphanie and Julie invite you to develop a relationship of coeducation with the parents of your students.

Read this review of the series Trendy family, taken from winter 2018 issue (V21N2) from École branchée magazine.

2. Digital technology: a lever for teacher-parent communication

Knowing how to communicate and listen to promote the commitment of all around the educational success of children is possible thanks to the many digital tools available.

Read this review of the series Trendy family, taken from spring 2019 issue (V21N3) from École branchée magazine.

3. The teacher-parent meeting in a posture of coeducation

One of the measures of the Digital Action Plan aims to increase communication and collaboration between school stakeholders, children and parents by exploiting the potential of digital tools. This measure makes it possible to “enhance parental commitment and support the relationship that unites families and educational settings”.

The development of the teacher-student relationship is indeed essential to promote the educational success of young people. This is certainly the reason why, at the beginning of the year, special attention is devoted to creating a bond with the students. However, are we giving enough time and importance to developing the teacher-parent relationship? How much effort is put into creating and sustaining the bond with parents? After all, they are part of the child's ecosystem and they have a great influence on their educational path.

Read this review of the series Trendy family, taken from fall 2019 issue (V22N1) from École branchée magazine.

4. Educate in an ethical use of digital technology by promoting constructive dialogue with young people

Do you think that young people are addicted to their digital device and that they use it more often than necessary?

Do you believe that digital technology can help children learn, be more efficient and develop good working methods?

Is digital management a source of conflict or tension in your classroom, your school or even your family?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the technological knowledge of young people?

Would you like to better understand their use to better intervene?

This series chronicle Trendy family is taken from number winter 2019 (V22N2) from École branchée magazine.

5. Learn to play better, ideas for making the most of the time spent playing video games

The video game…

it sometimes seems that, according to young people (and some not so young!), it is the only interesting activity to do. It is not easy to intervene as a parent, especially since the majority do not fully understand this strange, but very powerful link which connects the child to his screen.

Here is some information to better understand why video games can be so satisfying and some ideas for making video game moments an opportunity to bond with the child.

This series chronicle Trendy family is taken from number of spring 2020 (V22N3) from École branchée magazine.

6. Live school-family-community relationships in your alternative school

It was in 2014. We had just moved to a disadvantaged neighborhood where three primary schools were closed due to their poor condition. I then got involved in a citizens' committee to found an alternative school in our neighborhood. In this committee, all seemed convinced that such a school had the potential to support the educational success of children, but in particular, of those who have it less easily. I felt it was true. However, I could not help but ask: how? How would this type of school promote educational success in disadvantaged areas? This is how this school became my subject for my doctoral thesis.

This series chronicle Trendy family is taken from number autumn 2020 (V23N1) from École branchée magazine.

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