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Behind the scenes

The École branchée is looking for a sales representative (heart and fire!)

Wanted! Education sales representative (heart and soul). If you like working with teachers and school administrators, you will be happy with us. Help us grow by developing lasting relationships with the #RockStarÉDU in our schools! 

École branchée welcomes post-secondary students who want to gain a work-integrated learning experience

You are enrolled full or part-time in a post-secondary institution in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada (regardless of the level) and you would like to devote a few hours each week to developing your professional skills in an employment situation related to technologies digital? We may have a place for you! 

The École branchée is looking for a pearl to take care of its people! (elsewhere we say: Administrative assistant)

Wanted! Passionate administrative assistant! If you have the advancement of education at heart, are organized like no other and like to take care of people, you will be happy with us!

Fall issue of École branchée magazine offers ideas and resources for in-service teacher education

PRESS RELEASE - Engaging in a continuing education process is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Quebec. In order to amplify the impact of its contribution to professional development, the École branchée devotes the fall edition of its magazine to this important subject.

A new professional magazine to support the English-speaking school network in the digital age

Press release - The last two years have shown that digital education in schools can no longer be anecdotal, transversal or associated with a reward. In order to support the English-speaking school network in the digital age, École branchée is launching EngagED Learning.

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