Les #Édubrèves - September 19, 2021 edition

In this edition of #Édubrèves: two activity kits for the construction of French-speaking students' identities, the fall programming of Academos, those of the Grands Explorateurs and the first CréaCamp Sprint of the year, training in artificial intelligence for teachers , a directory of free digital tools and more.

New products to discover in digital platforms

A lot of new things have been rolled out recently in various digital platforms that you may be using. We've taken you through what should grab your attention from Teams, Classroom, Flipgrid, Edpuzzle and Wakelet.

Class management strategies in the anti-COVID-19 response: an experience in Cameroon

Our collaborator testifies to his experience of teaching mathematics at the secondary level in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, during the resumption of post-containment COVID-19 classes. It appears that distance education efforts during confinement were reinforced by the resumption of the same face-to-face courses. 

Five tips to keep in mind to teach programming effectively

Although programming is gaining in popularity, its teaching remains little known and can prove to be a real challenge for teachers. Our collaborator Hugo G. Lapierre presents 5 tips to encourage students to learn coding.

School-family relationship: What to say, when and how?

At the start of the school year, it is important to take the time to lay the foundations for the parent-teacher relationship so that it remains solid throughout the coming months. The quality of communications and information shared between school and family can make a difference to the well-being and success of students.

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