In which professional development activities do Quebec teachers participate?

A study carried out among 708 Québec teachers designed to address the lack of information about the nature of professional development (PD) activities in which they participate made it possible to draw some very interesting findings. This report summarizes them and enables us to take stock of the characteristics supported by research of so-called effective PD activities, in addition to learning about avenues of intervention to be considered to promote teachers' participation in their continuous professional development. 

Taking a break to move forward - An approach to help you plan your professional development more effectively

Even within a united team, each teacher is unique, and has their own way of seeing their class and, above all, their way of envisioning it, of guiding it. In order to meet your personal and professional aspirations, it's important to stop, think and take time ”to align your #profdev”. Consistency is indeed a recognized feature of effective professional development. Here's a reflection path that can support those who wish to better structure their professional development.

What forms of professional development should be promoted in your community?

The team at CADRE21 has developed a professional development matrix that enables different stakeholders to identify a variety of forms of support, while respecting their communities' existing conditions and organizational culture. This aspect appears vital: when it comes to professional development, each setting's conditions will often dictate the level of individual or collective commitment. 

Let's think about it ...

Inspiring quotes suggested by Myra, a primary school teacher. She also shares her mantra for the school year.

10 questions to consider to level-up your teaching

In the heat of a school year, there's a LOT on teachers' to-do lists. Lesson planning. Ranks. Emails. Meetings. Oh, and we have to teach, too! But sometimes, it's necessary to do some big-picture thinking. We can reflect on and plan for bigger goals, plans, and strategies than we can feasibly in the heat of a school year. If you're ready to level up your teaching, here are some questions to consider.

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