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The repository for competent action in educational counseling

The Referential to act competent in educational counseling was drawn up following consultation with 238 educational counselors, 19 directors and 15 Quebec teachers. Here's what it contains and why it was designed.

Why would you want to become a teacher-influencer?

The term influencer can have a negative connotation. However, teachers choose to proudly and positively display their passion for a profession they love on the networks. This dossier is intended as a foray into this world of teacher-influencers!

Virtual reality for a world of educational possibilities

A file to explore the concept of virtual reality (VR) in education. Technical and pedagogical knowledge and anchors to introduce or deepen VR as a tool for acquiring skills and knowledge.

Artificial intelligence in education

What is artificial intelligence? What is its current manifestation in our lives? And its contribution to education? We try to see more clearly thanks to this file on the subject.

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