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Online Speaker's Guide to Better Engage Your Audience

Are you preparing for an online training or conference? This new guide aims to equip you to promote interaction with your audience in a remote presentation context. You will be able to maximize your experience as a speaker as well as that of your participants!

After COVID-19… Reboot or Reinvent?

How can we take advantage of the experience of spring 2020 as a lever towards improving pedagogy in our schools? Consolidating and reflecting on what we have learned in order to draw lessons from it is already preparing for the next school year. The RÉCIT private education team offers you four main recommendations, drawn from its support during the COVID-19 crisis, which will allow you to improve your school's teaching practices.

Educating for entrepreneurship: getting involved in meaningful projects for your community

A joint file from Carrefour education and L'École branchée Authors: Simon Bonenfant, youth projects officer, Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi d'Argenteuil the team of the Quebec Council for Cooperation ...

Teaching remotely in a case of force majeure? Ideas and Resources

Here are some resources that could inspire distance learning teachers.

14 activity ideas for a fun and safe recreation

Carl Provost, a physical education teacher in an elementary school in eastern Montreal, shares 14 ideas for activities to revitalize the playground.

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