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The ABCs of digital textbooks

If paper textbooks rhyme with green board, digital textbooks are beginning to rhyme with interactive whiteboard. In classrooms as in publishing houses, there is a lot of discussion about this transformation of teaching material. Is this the start of a new era?

Homework help: already well established in our schools

(previous section) The majority of primary schools have been offering homework help for the past seven years through funding from the Ministry of Education. For...

Portrait of a reality that can no longer be ignored: techno homework

By disrupting most of our lifestyle, technologies provide concrete solutions to everyday problems, especially in the case of homework. Homework help sites and discussion forums are multiplying, and school boards and schools are developing platforms that will soon make the diary an archaic tool. The dean in the field, the Allô prof site, is a good example of this enthusiasm. However, technology also poses some challenges, both at school and at home. Welcome to the age of tech homework!

Classroom games are serious business!

Children have always learned through play. Outside, learning takes place spontaneously using a ball or a simple branch. Imaginary games allow them to experience different roles and enrich their conception of the world. Although their thoughts were not adopted by the majority, some educators, like Maria Montessori, made play an important part of their educational principles.

Social media is entering the classroom

Facebook compte 500 millions d’utilisateurs de par le monde. Twitter en dénombre 175 millions. Chaque minute, vingt-quatre heures de vidéo sont mises en ligne sur YouTube. En 2010, plus des trois quarts (78 %) des internautes québécois ont fréquenté ou ont contribué au contenu d’au moins un média social, selon le CEFRIO. Le réseau de l’éducation n’échappe pas à cet engouement. Certaines commissions scolaires se sont lancées dans l’aventure. D’autres hésitent toujours. Mais toutes s’entendent pour dire qu’on ne peut plus ignorer cette nouvelle réalité.

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