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An emergency for the world of education: adapting to the digital revolution

To contribute to the reflection on educational issues in a changing society, Groupe Média TFO announces the publication of a first White Paper.

Digital strategy: Quebec wants to become a world leader in digital technology

This morning, we unveiled Quebec's digital strategy. It aims to "position Quebec as a leader (...)".

Emancipatory education

« Je crois en la force de l'école, mais pas en sa toute puissance »! affirme le sociologue Jacques Cornet dans une conférence sur l'éducation émancipatrice.

School TV via YouTube: boost daily messages by involving students!

L'école branchée s'entretient aujourd'hui avec Jean-François Dion, conseiller pédagogique au CSDCEO, qui nous parle de télé scolaire via YouTube.

Finnish education system inspires brand new school in Toulouse

You have seen the report by American director Michael Moore who seeks to understand why the Finnish education system is one of the best.

Notice to eco-innovators: the "Give your school superpowers" contest is back

Staples and Earth Day Canada Call for Entries in Annual "Give Your School Super Powers" Contest

New pedagogical approaches: an objective look

Yves Reuter, renowned didactician and professor at the University of Lille 3, presents his vision of new pedagogical approaches in a school context.

Letters to Anthony: correspondence with a young autistic

Stories intended for a young autistic 1st year, inviting him to all kinds of discoveries by making links with the world around us.

Discovering the European educational landscape

Here is the first report from Marc-André Girard who shares with us various European approaches, ideas, events and ways of doing things.

The flight of the peregrine falcons

The decline of the peregrine falcons resulted in it being considered an endangered species. Let's take a closer look at how the measures put in place over the decades have paid off for this iconic bird of prey.

Educational robotics as seen by Margarida Romero

The École branchée read with interest Margarida Romero's post on the Contact blogs of Université Laval and wanted to share it with its readers.

The many benefits of learning programming (from preschool!)

Meeting with Pierre Lachance, educational advisor at RÉCIT “math, science, techno”, with whom we talk about learning programming!

19th edition of “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! "

The annual event “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! »Continues its mission: to help young girls discover scientific careers.

When Rome, London, New York and Paris become smart cities

Philippe Domaschio, teacher at Collège Beaubois, presents his smart cities, an educational project that bridges geography and technology.

Unveiling of Prof's winner, my pride! at school

It is the high school of La Rive, located in Lavaltrie, which receives this honor among the some 800 applications submitted by the public.

Important discovery in caving

Last week, Quebec cavers announced that they had discovered large underground galleries under a park in Montreal. Let's take a closer look at this discovery!

Computer science week to learn both computer science and programming

Aujourd'hui et jusqu'au 8 décembre se déroule la Semaine des sciences informatiques. Initiée aux États-Unis, par l’Heure de code, elle se vit maintenant à l’échelle mondiale.

Inauguration of a new technopedagogical laboratory

On November 27, a new technopedagogical laboratory was inaugurated at the Notre-Dame-des-Anges boarding school.

Stimulate creative thinking in maths and French with Lego

Meet Dominic Tremblay, independent educational advisor, who talks to us about the creative power of Lego in a classroom!

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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