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Continuing education activities for educational staff

The CréaCamp: learn in action

Precious time to discover or deepen the use of digital tools in a pedagogical perspective, LIVE with our experienced facilitators!

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Become a member of CréaCamp Découverte for the year 2021-2022!

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Ready to use digital activities for teachers

Active learning pedagogy with SCOOP!

Ready-to-use learning paths and guides for teachers, for an active learning pedagogy inspired by current events, bridging disciplinary and digital skills.

The 5 keys that inspire these journeys: contextualization, collaboration, feedback, involvement, interaction.

Recent Activity Guides ...

Tokyo 2020, take 2

With the decrease in COVID-19 cases and the acceleration of vaccination, the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for 2020, could finally take place this summer. Zoom on the history of the Games.


On June 6, 1944, one of the largest and most complex military operations in history began on the beaches of Normandy. Glimpses of D-Day.

Residential schools: a dark page in Canadian history

Sad discovery in Kamloops, British Columbia, when a mass grave containing 215 children was found behind an Indigenous residential school. Insights into a dark chapter in Canadian history.

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Les #Édubrèves - special edition of July 20, 2021

The #Édubrèves do not take any vacation. In the heart of summer, we share with you news on current affairs in education. To be enjoyed on the terrace or by the pool!

Nature makes strong children, send them outside to play!

Studies confirm that "the natural environment plays a beneficial role in academic performance, since exposure to a green environment would have a positive effect on various issues such as lack of motivation and concentration".

New online video training courses to develop digital skills #devprof

Our team has prepared a series of thematic routes to guide the members of the CréaCamp Découverte through the catalog of 50 training courses in video replay. Discover them here! Some clues: evaluation, video creation, interactive questionnaires, dynamic presentations, active pedagogy ... and even a course for managers!

Summer courses and remedial schooling: Alloprof always present for the students

Alloprof would like to remind you that its student support services will be fully accessible from July 12 to 27, 2021.


They help making our activities possible! Let's thank'em!

In Depth

Themes explored in depth.

Dys disorders, 10 years after the introduction of technological aids

Ten years have passed since the introduction of technological aids and it is clear that the situation has changed a lot for students with learning disabilities, more specifically dys disorders. In this dossier, we present an inventory of resources, in addition to giving examples of winning practices for teachers, students and parents.

Differentiate to take advantage of diversity in the classroom, using digital technology (or not!)

In this dossier, the École branchée and Carrefour education wish to shed light on what educational differentiation is and should be. We want to provide ideas (choice of interventions and digital tools) so that the concept finally materializes in our schools.

Play to learn: From gamification to gamification

In this dossier, we offer you an overview of the world of gamification / gamification and we explain why this practice is accessible to all teachers. Hey no, no need to thoroughly review your teaching practices to bring a playful touch to your class!