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Ready to use digital activities for teachers

Active learning pedagogy with SCOOP!

Ready-to-use learning paths and guides for teachers, for an active learning pedagogy inspired by current events, bridging disciplinary and digital skills.

The 5 keys that inspire these journeys: contextualization, collaboration, feedback, involvement, interaction.

Recent Activity Guides ...

Halloween: legendary party!

Halloween is the party par excellence for children. Costumes, sweets, decorations, everything is there to make this day memorable in the eyes of the youngest. Children therefore appreciate the traditions put in place on October 31, where pumpkins of all sizes and colors punctuate the route of families in search of the best treats in their neighborhood. This guide looks at the legend of Jack O'Lantern and how Halloween customs endure 2,500 years later.

Science vs. Facebook algorithm to thwart disinformation

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen several scientists posting on social networks in favor or against the vaccine, the mask, health measures, etc. Recently, the editor of the renowned journal Science, Holden Thorp, implored the scientific community to try to beat Facebook at its own game: to play on the algorithms by bringing out star researchers, as do so well the " anti-science ”.  

An arm in Lego: his passion at the service of his handicap

Deprived of a right forearm at birth, David Aguilar uses his passion for Lego blocks to create a prosthesis. A story that will inspire your students and that inspired us some ideas for activities to live in class on the theme of passions and inventions!

EngagED Learning | Newsfeed

Our editorial line: to promote education, to make winning practices and teachers' experience shine.

The news feed

Your source for educational and pedagogical information

Quels sont les besoins de soutien chez les nouveaux enseignants et comment y répondre?

Notre chroniqueuse Mrs. Prof s’est intéressée aux besoins de soutien chez les nouveaux enseignants. Dans cette chronique, elle propose un survol de ces besoins, ainsi que des moyens qui peuvent être mis en place pour permettre un accompagnement efficace.

Educational activities for Halloween

Some ideas and resources to celebrate Halloween!

La cybersécurité : pistes et ressources pour la comprendre et l’expliquer

Octobre est le mois de la sensibilisation à la cybersécurité. Il s’agit d’une belle occasion de démystifier la thématique afin de pouvoir l’aborder en classe avec les élèves. Comme enseignant, il faut d’abord en saisir les subtilités avant de pouvoir l’expliquer. Nous en avons discuté avec la conseillère pédagogique Julie April, du RÉCIT. 

Think Before You Click, an activity to educate elementary school students about the dangers of the Internet

Students are increasingly exposed to digital technology, with all the associated risks. The web is a huge and extremely stimulating source of information for learning, but it should be used with caution. Eureka Concept offers a new activity aimed at making primary school students aware of the risks of the web.

In Depth

Themes explored in depth

Applied Neuroscience in Education: Learning Better by Doing Better

Learn better by doing better ... and not more. This is what the 7 neuroeducational principles of Steve Masson propose. In this dossier, our collaborator Marie-Andrée Croteau presents each of the principles in order to guide teachers in their practice. It is not a question of adding steps to learning, but of adjusting them in order to optimize them to have an influence on the quality of student learning.

Dys disorders, 10 years after the introduction of technological aids

Ten years have passed since the introduction of technological aids and it is clear that the situation has changed a lot for students with learning disabilities, more specifically dys disorders. In this dossier, we present an inventory of resources, in addition to giving examples of winning practices for teachers, students and parents.

Differentiate to take advantage of diversity in the classroom, using digital technology (or not!)

In this dossier, the École branchée and Carrefour education wish to shed light on what educational differentiation is and should be. We want to provide ideas (choice of interventions and digital tools) so that the concept finally materializes in our schools.