La COVID-19 expliquée aux jeunes

L’équipe SCOOP! de l’École branchée t’aide à mieux comprendre la COVID-19, ses enjeux et ses effets sur nos vies à travers de courtes vidéos explicatives. Un texte d’accompagnement te permettra aussi d’aller plus loin et tu pourras relever le défi du quiz interactif à la fin de chaque lecture! Prêt(e)?

La COVID-19 expliquée aux jeunes : la mise en quarantaine

Dans le cadre de la série de capsules informatives SCOOP! sur la COVID-19, il est aujourd'hui question de la mise en quarantaine. Plusieurs personnes, partout à travers le monde, se retrouvent mises en quarantaine pendant quatorze jours. Mais qu'est-ce que tout cela signifie, au juste?

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A Special Feature on COVID- 19: What Can History Teach Us?

As part of a series of SCOOP! on COVID-19, today we address what history can teach us about ways to cope with a pandemic. COVID-19 has been quite active for a few months and leaves its mark all around the globe. Much like the Black Death (a type of plague), the Spanish flu, SARS, the avian flu, or even Ebola, COVID-19 will also make history in its own way. Unfortunately, these diseases are responsible for millions of deaths. They also allow society to make tremendous technological progress, medical advances, and foster human growth. Have we learned from the previous epidemics? Which lessons will we draw from this very exceptional situation which is undergoing at the moment?

Special Feature on COVID-19: the Infodemic

As part of a series of SCOOP! on COVID-19, today we address the infodemic. The infodemic is this overabundance of information, credible or not, that makes it difficult for anyone to get accurate information. Medical misinformation, conspiracy theories, rumours on governmental measures, doctored pictures and videos, scams, and fraudulent offers, the false information about COVID-19 spreads faster than the actual virus. SCOOP! explains, in this video, how to ensure you are not fed false information in your quest for truth.

COVID-19 in Plain Language: Your Questions Answered

As part of a series of SCOOP! on COVID-19, today we answer many questions you may have on the changes you have been going through recently. With this short video, and a stack of toilet paper, we know that "we will prevail" and "we will get through this".

COVID-19 in Plain Language: Why Is it So Important to Wash Our Hands?

As part of a series of SCOOP! on COVID-19, today we address the importance of washing our hands. What is all the fuss surrounding hand-washing anyway? We hear everywhere that it is of the upmost importance to wash our hands, and particularly with the pandemic of COVID-19. Do you think you can fall ill by shaking someone’s hand or by touching a door handle? Do you know how to wash your hand efficiently? And how often? SCOOP! has the answers for you.

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